The first

Finally, all the craziness of bringing this beast of a convention together is coming to fruition. Theron is sessioning with the Buck boys, Kent is starting to ramble something about starting the first lecture and I have made my last run to the airport.

I can’t believe all the lecturers are here… ALL SEVEN OF THEM!!!

Again this year we have a sold out attendance and it’s hard believe everything has come together without a hitch. The hotel is happier to have us back than they should be after the way we left the suite last year…let’s just say that we’re happy that they even let us have the suite again.

I’ve just hooked up the projector and the camera so even though we have a full house everybody can see what’s going on. People are starting to come in and get seated for Steve Youell’s brand new lecture on key cards and palming. All I have to do for the next three days is hang out with my friends and do magic…

… this is gonna be awesome.

– DN