The 2010 Media Recap

Yes, it’s been many days since the end of the 2010 Gathering but it’s taken me that long to recover – It was that good.

Attendance was in record numbers this year and the attendees were of the highest caliber – Thanks to all who participated and worked to make this year’s Gathering a smashing success.


There are many of you with images and video from the Gathering and we’d love to see what you shot and share it with the world.  If you have video or images to share, please email me directly, I’m  We’ll take YouTube video, Flickr galleries, raw images and video and just about anything else you’d care to share.

Show the world a little part of what you experienced by sharing your memories on this site and those of our media partners as well.

Did you know that you can find coverage of the 2010 Golden Gate Gathering on a number of different websites?  Check out the media from this year: