Stars and Roommates

The big day approaches fast and this year is going to fill to maximum. Our block of discounted rooms are exhausted – There are still rooms available for attendees but not at the GGG discounted rate.

Want to save a buck? Get a roommate! I’m keeping a list and will do my best to put folks in contact with each other who might be looking to share the hotel expense. Just email with your name, email address, sexual preference and days staying at Crowne Plaza and I’ll do what I can to find someone compatible. (GGG-Harmony)

By the way there are more than a few “names” attending the Gathering this year: Curtis Kam, Jack Carpenter, Howard Hamburg, Lee Asher, Mike Feldman, Steve Mayhew and Aaron Fisher just to drop a few. Not to lecture, just because, the GGG is that cool.

Oh, and buy a t-shirt :

See you there.