Ron Conley

Ron Conley, in a career spanning over 40 years, is a  casino surveillance specialist, table game protection expert, casino administrator, expert witness, accomplished sleight of hand expert and professional poker player.

Ron has acted as Director Of Surveillance at the Bicycle Club Casino, Hawaiian Gardens Casino, and The Hustler Casino. He has been a Shift Manager at the Rainbow Club, Huntington Park Casino, Hawaiian Gardens Casino, Crystal Park Hotel And Casino and Club Caribe Casino.

He has done seminars and acted as a consultant for Casinos, Law Enforcement and Banking Groups including the Fresno Police Department, Fowler Police Department, Hollywood Park Casino, Bay 101 Casino, Club One Casino, The California Cardroom Owners Association, California State University Dominguez Hills, Bay 101 Casino, Wynn Las Vegas Casino, World Gaming Conference, Card Player Magazine and many many others.

Ron’s lecture at the 2017 GGG will be exciting and unusual:

Part one will be surveillance video clips, many of these are from the era when players dealt themselves. These will include holding out cards (hand mucking ) shirt hold outs and clean ups, bottom dealing peaks hops circumventing the cut either through shifts or briefs. Stealing chips both with and without check cop ( a sticky substance put on the palms). These video clips will also include both cheats working alone and teams working together. Ron will wait until the end of the video on a couple of moves before pointing them out JUST to show just how difficult it can be to detect cheating in real time…Even by magicians.

Part two will be a lecture on hustlers and will contrast the difference between them and magicians. Ron will be speaking on both the professional and amateur cheats and their subculture. This will include some quotes from Erdnase that he personally found profound. Also included in this segment Ron will discuss the gaming business and how he came to be in it.

Part three will be a live demonstration of gambling moves with an emphasis on palming techniques false shuffles and stock controls, and how they are used in the gambling world. Most of the palming techniques have never been exposed…Even to magicians.