Ground zero, Day zero.

   Arriving at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City is always exciting.  The glass doors open smoothly and silently as we approach and on the other side we’re greeted by Kent Gunn performing his famous, “Fun Shop Cups and Balls”.  What a great way to start out the 2010 Gathering!

Kent Gunn performs his famous "Fun Shop Cups and Balls"

  A quick look around the lobby lounge reveals a number of familiar faces; Tony and Rosie Miller (RFA Productions) who will be running the parties this year, Steve Ehlers, Curtis Kam – All appearances say that this is going to be a hardcore convention.

  We check in, drop our stuff off in our rooms and hit the lobby to session with our friends – people we rarely, if ever get to see except here at the GGG. 

  At 7:00 the party in the hotel pub started up and the group moves out of the lobby and into the club.  Details of the resulting merriment will not be discussed or disclosed in these pages.  What happens at the Golden Gate Gathering…

  What we CAN tell you is that at the same time a private, seven seat, no-limit Texas Holdem game began.  At the table were Steve Brooks (Magic Cafe), Tony Miller (RFA Productions), R. Paul Wilson (Shade), Tom Cutts (AM/PM Magazine), Tom Frame (Genii reviewer) , Jason England (Foundations) and Lee Asher (CardStar).  Ultimately, Paul Wilson was the winner and took all.

  Close to 10:00 the party moves upstairs to the Precurser suite run by Tony and Rosie Miller.  Here is Kent Gunn reading the rules of the party:

Stay tuned for Day ONE!