Day Two – The adventure continues

Late night and worth every hour of lost sleep. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant and it’s time to learn from master coin magician, Mike Gallo and, in the other room, sophisticate, Norman Beck.

After two excellent lectures we broke for lunch and went to raise our blood sugar levels and contemplate the knowledge we’d been given.[flickr size=”small” float=”left”][/flickr]

Back to the hotel lobby lounge, the home of most of the action at the Gathering, people are starting to sit and session, cards and coins are hitting the tables and laughter fills the atrium.[flickr size=”small” float=”right”][/flickr]

This is our last night at the Golden Gate Gathering and we’ve no intention of going gently.  If last night was any indicator for tonight, we’ll be here till they close us out in the wee hours, then we’ll move to the Precursor Suite.  We’re low on sleep but high on energy and the party is just starting…All over again. Stay tuned and hang on our every post!