David Malek

Performing magic is first and foremost about entertaining your audience. As a professional regardless of how technically demanding your work it is; your job to capture the spectators, entertain them and leave them wanting more. But even if you never intend to be a professional it’s a good idea to learn how to think about magic that you perform as if you were doing it for a living.

How many times have you seen a magician destroy an audience with an easy-to-do card trick and then watch a serious technician put spectators to sleep? You can see it at places like the Magic Castle on a nightly basis, but it doesn’t need to happen.

As magicians we appreciate the time and dedication it takes to become proficient at the craft, but too little time is spent thinking and working on how to engage the audience. In this lecture David Malek will show you how to take almost any routine and add a presentation that elevates it from a mere curiosity to a show piece. You’ll also learn how to make your audience talk about your show and remember who you are after the performance is over.

Not only will you come away with ideas on how to entertain on a professional level, you’ll also learn what is perhaps the most underused, most valuable and most improperly executed utility move in card magic. You’ll also learn how to riffle stack, deal from the center of the deck, deal seconds, from the bottom, second, third and fourth from the bottom all while making the audience laugh and wait in anticipation for what you’ll do next.

Whether you’re a professional, highly advanced, intermediate or just a beginner, you’ll walk away with a new way of thinking about your magic but more importantly with the tools you need to take anything you do to the next level.