After the Gathering, from Kent Gunn

The convention went well.Paul Vigil showed up and performed his Mirage show. He had an entourage of about thirty people that came up from Vegas to support him. We’d never had a full evening magic show before at the convention. Paul’s show was enthusiastically received by magician and the public alike.
I’d never seen Steve Mayhew’s show before. He rocked it, just rocked it.Eric Jonesentranced us all with his smooth magic. I’d not seen any of his card stuff before. He could dump the coins entirely and still be better by far at magic than nearly all of us.Curtis Kam did a full show, as part of his lecture that was all coin tricks. He was accompanied by his guitarist Wil Tafalo. Classy freakin’ show.Howie Schwarzman played piano for us throughout the convention and nailed his lecture. It was very cool to finally get to meet him.Lee Asher, our media mogul, probably gave the single most polished and well-though-out lecture of them all. He’s had that lecture for awhile. It just keeps getting better.None of those guys came close, in my eyes, to the sixth guy on the bill.Bob Whiteagreed to lecture for us and made it out to the convention. If you don’t know him or about him . . . shame on you. 


He’s a working pro from Texas, tall and genteel. A classy guy who had a stroke about sixteen months ago. It left him and his life in a shambles. He’s made a lot of progress since then though.

Throughout the convention he was charming and entertained the throngs that sprung up around him.

Bob’s lecture was . . . heavenly. He did a fantastic job. Every attendee who spoke of it, to me, was blown away. He continued to fool people as he tried to explain one of his false counts. He was explaining them just fine. The moves were simply too deceptive in his hands.

I think he wanted to include the Cups in his lecture. I believe with the number of sequences in the routine he thought he could no longer do the effect justice. He left it out of the lecture.

End of the last night of the convention I busted out my table to do the cups for him. Just a few of us were outside; Jared Kopf, Bob, Mike Feldman and me. I did my routine and then . . .

He got Jared to bring out his P&L cups and explained to us how he’d given them to Jared.

There was something in the San Francisco air that night though, I swear it. In the middle of his discussion of the cups he borrowed a coat from Mike Feldman and . . .

He busted out the finest performance of that trick I’ve even been allowed to see. Nary a slip, not an awkward moment. That night Bob White and sleight-of-hand magic kicked heart disease square in the ass!

Most magical moment of my life.

– Kent Gunn